Karaoké Special Avenue Q

Karaoké Special Avenue Q

Tonalité identique à l'original : Si♭

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So here's the woman you all came to see
The around the clock is proud to present
Fresh from her world tour
Headlining in Amsterdam
Bangkok and
Celebration Florida
Please give a warm hand to the star of girls gone wild
Parts two five and seven
Lucy the slut
I can make you feel special when it sucks to be you
Let me make you feel special for an hour or two
Your life's a routine that repeats each day no one cares who you are
Or what you say and sometimes you feel like you're nobody
But you can feel like somebody with me
Yeah baby oh wow
Yeah they're real
Ah ah ah oh
When we're together the earth will shake and the stars will fall
Into the sea so come on baby let down your guard
When your date's in the bathroom
I'll slip you my card
I can tell just by looking that you've got it hard for me
For me for me for me, for me
For me
I can tell just by looking that you are especially hard
For me
Yeah oh my God
Ooh ooh

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