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Listen Roger did you get a chance
Yet to read springtime for Hitler?
Read it?
I devoured it, I for one
For instance never realized that the
Third Reich meant Germany
Yeah how 'bout that then you'll do it
Do it? of course not
The theatre's so obsessed with dramas so depressed
It's hard to sell a ticket on Broadway
Shows should be more pretty shows should be more witty
Shows should be more what's the word?
No matter what you do on the stage
Keep it light keep it bright keep it gay
Whether it's murder mayhem or rage
Don't complain it's a pain keep it gay
People want laughter when they see a show
The last thing they're after is a litany of woe
A happy ending
A happy ending will pep up your play will pep up your play
Oedipus won't bomb
If he winds up with mom keep it gay keep it gay keep it gay keep it gay
Couldn't agree with you more and you have
Our blessings Roger to make springtime for Hitler
Just as gay as anyone could possibly want
So come on do it for us please
No I'm sorry Max but it's simply not my cup of tea
But still fair is fair perhaps I should ask my
Production team what they think this is my set
Designer Bryan keep it glad keep it mad keep it gay
And here's my costume designer Kevin
Hello keep it happy keep it snappy keep it gay
We're clever creative
We're clever creative it's our job to see it's our job to see
That everything's perfect
That everything's perfect for mister De Bris for mister De Bris
Next Scott my choreographer
Hi there
And ah finally last and least
My lighting designer
Shirley Markowitz
Keep it gay keep it gay keep it gay
I don't think we're getting to them
What do we do now Max?
Watch this
Roger listen
I think that springtime for Hitler
Would be a marvelous opportunity for you
I mean up to now you've always been associated
With frivolous musicals
You're right
I've often felt as though
I've been throwing my life away
On silly entertainments dopey showgirls in
Gooey gowns two three kick turn turn turn kick turn
Oh Roger
Oh it's enough to make you heave
Nonetheless I'm sorry Max
I just couldn't do
Springtime for Hitler
Why not?
Think of the prestige
No no no no
Think of the respect
Think of the Tony
Tony Tony Tony Tony Tony
Tony Tony Tony
What's the matter?
Is he all right?
He's having a stroke
What? of genius
I see it I see it at last
The chance to do something important
Roger De Bris presents history
Of course that whole second act has to be rewritten
They're losing the war?
Excuse me it's too downbeat
Roger De Bris presents history
But maybe oh it's a wild idea but it just might work
I see a line of beautiful girls
Dressed as storm troopers each one a gem
With leather boots and whips on their hips
It's risque dare I say
S & M
Love it
I see German soldiers dancing through France
Played by chorus boys in very tight pants
And wait there's more they win the war
And the dances they do will be daring and new
Turn turn kick turn turn turn kick turn
One two three kick turn keep it sassy keep it classy
That is brilliant brilliant
Keep it ah ah ah ah
Roger I speak for
Mister Bloom and myself when I say that you are
The only man in the world who can do justice
To springtime for Hitler will you do it please please
Oh wait a minute this is a very big decision
It might affect the course of my entire life
I shall have to think about it
I'll do it I'll do it
Oh yeah
Sabu champagne ah
If at the end you
If at the end you want them to cheer want them to cheer
Keep it gay keep it gay
Keep it gay keep it gay keep it gay keep it gay
Whether it's Hamlet
Whether it's Hamlet
Othello or Lear
Othello or Lear
Keep it gay keep it gay
Keep it gay keep it gay keep it gay keep it gay
Comedy's joyous a constant delight
Dramas annoy us and ruin our night and ruin our night
So keep your Strindbergs
So keep your Strindbergs and Ibsens at bay and Ibsens at bay
I'll sign sign
Sign sign sign sign
Roger Elizabeth De Bris
Keep it gay
Keep it gay

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