Karaoké Love Suggestions Will Downing

Karaoké Love Suggestions Will Downing

Tonalité identique à l'original : Dom

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Love suggestion
Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm
Yeah yeah yeah yeah hmm hmm
Yeah hmm hmm yeah hmm hmm
Yeah ooh oh oh
Baby you got me, hmm you know you got me wrapped around your
And you can have me have me anyway
You want me sugar you know I'm
'Cos if you need hey hey yeah not just plans of undressing baby
If you really a real connection
Some passion
I'm on your
If it's on your menu right away baby
And if I can't get through no worries please
All you gotta do is say just say it and you'll get your wish
Any way you wanna play it just say it
I'm officially yours
Little more affection baby baby yeah
I'm open for
If you need it real connection
That's what you want baby
I'm wanting yours
If you need it little more affection
Baby you don't have to undress I'm open for you
Love suggestions a real connection
Just me and you baby girl
I'm on your
I'll admit sometimes
I'm just not sure
Of everything you need to make you feel more
Babe so baby I'm listening
All the things or spots
I'm missing
Talk to me
I need your love
Love suggestions uh, yeah
Come on girl you can come on groove with it come on ride with it
Come on rock with it rock with it rock just don't stop
Baby let's groove come right
Take your time with it ride with it
You and me my baby if you need yeah I walk before
Your love suggestions a real connection
Whatever you want baby
I'm wanting your
Whatever you want whatever you need
Come talk to big daddy
I'm open for
Whatever you want baby whatever you need
Baby baby baby baby
I'm open for your love suggestions

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