Karaoké Remember Me 1930s Standards

Karaoké Remember Me Standards des années 1930

Tonalité de la chanson : Mi♭

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Here's a song that I've created nothing too sophisticated
It's a theme that everybody knows
Not a hilly-billy ballad full of sentimental salad
Tho' you'll think it silly I suppose
My own refrain child of my brain
And my song is dedicated to the people who are mated listen now here is how it goes
Do you remember one September afternoon
I stood with you and listened to a wedding tune
And didn't I go with you on your honeymoon remember me
Do you recall a cottage small upon a hill
Where every day I had to pay another bill
And if I'm not mistaken dear
I'm paying still remember me
I can see that little angel on your knee
Can't you see he kinda' sorta' looks like me
For I'm the boy whose only joy is loving you
Who worries till he hurries home when day is through
And I'm the guy you give your good-night kisses to remember me
Please hear the tune that I am crooning just for you remember me

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