Karaoké Hate It Or Love It 50 Cent

Karaoké Hate It Or Love It 50 Cent

Tonalité identique à l'original : Sol♯m

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Yeah let's take 'em back, uh hu
Comin' up I was confused my mommy kissin' a girl
Confusion occurs comin' up in the cold world
Daddy ain't around probably out committin' felonies
My favorite rapper used to sing check check out my melody
I wanna live good so shit I sell dope
Four four finger ring one of them gold ropes
Nana told me if I passed
I'd get a sheepskin coat
If I can move a few packs I'd get the hat now that'd be dope
Tossed and turned in my sleep that night
Woke up the next mornin stole my bike
Different day same ain't nothin' good in the hood
I'd run away from this and never come back if I could
On the grill of my low rider guns on both sides ride above the gold wires
I'll four five 'em killer on my song and really do it
That's the true meaning of a ghost rider
Ten G's will take your daughter outta air forces
Believe you me homie I know all about losses
I'm from Compton where the wrong colors be cautious
One phone call have your body dumped in marshes
I stay strapped like car seats been bangin' since my little
Rob got killed for his Barkley's
That's ten years I told
Pooh in ninety five
I'll kill you if you try me for my Air Max ninety five's
Told Banks when I met him I'm a rider
And if I gotta die rather homicide
I ain't had fifty cents when my gran' mama died
Now I'm goin' back to Cali with my Jacob on see how time fly
From the beginnin' to the end losers lose winners win this is real we ain't got to pretend
The cold world that we in is full of pressure and
Pain enough of me now listen to Game
Used to see five o throw the crack by the bench
Now I'm with five o it's all starting to make sense
My mom's happy she ain't gotta pay the rent
And she got a red bow on that brand new Benz
Waiting on Sha money to land sitting in the range
Think of how they spend thirty million dollars on airplanes
When there's kids starving
Pac is gone and Brenda still throwing babies in the garbage
I wanna know what's going on like I hear Marvin
No school books they use their wood to build coffins
Whenever I'm in the booth and I get exhausted
I think what if Marie Bank had got that abortion I love you Ma

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