Karaoké Diamond in the Rough Aladdin (musical)

Karaoké Diamond in the Rough Aladdin (comédie musicale)

Tonalité identique à l'original : Ré, Rém, Si♭, Mi♭m

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Paroles de Diamond in the Rough

You're the one that I need
You're nimble stealthy skilled
Do you want to continue abusing those skills?
Stealing bits of bread and worthless bobbles?
Or do you want to make a name for yourself and do something that would make any mother proud?
You have the profile of a prince with a physique that matches beneath the dirt and patches
You are a diamond in the rough
I say we work together since you're braver then which you are
We're just as shocked as you are
That you're a diamond in the rough
Hey I'm no diamond in the rough
Under the filth and the fleas there are gifts
That you've been neglecting
And truth be told you are not quite the guy that we were expecting
And though you might need finesse and perhaps some disinfecting
You'll be the one who succeeds when the lamp of their needs collecting
Huh, I don't know guys
I've got a funny feeling about this
I better just be on my way
Take one step and die you brainless miscreant
Happy place
What I meant to say is you just don't know how swell you are
So far the only hitch is you're an embarrassment of riches
You are the diamond in the rough
You are the diamond in the rough
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Look here's the diamond in the
We found the diamond in the rough
There is nobody else
You better talk about the girl
Then of course there's Princess Jasmine
It's clear she took a shying to you
But let me be frank
With no cash in the bank you'll never win her heart
It just tears me apart
To see her slip right through your fingers
Which way is this cave of yours?
That a boy go through you
Might be a bum
But you're one of noble spirit
It's just a cave that might eat you alive no need to fear it
Well it's a risk that I might have to take
We're glad to hear it
So please no missteps or blunders
Cue the cave of wonders we've waited long enough
Who disturbs my slumber?
Huh, it is I, Aladdin
You are the diamond in the rough
The one whose worth lies deep within
You may enter
I don't believe it
My mother always said that if I only applied myself if I only believed
We don't have time for self-discovery fetch me the lamp, now
Wish me luck
Goodbye, you diamond in the
Please try you diamond in the
Don't die you diamond in the rough
At last

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