Karaoké U Will Know Black Men United (B.M.U.)

Karaoké U Will Know Black Men United (B.M.U.)

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Hmm hmm, hmm hmm yeah, yeah
When I was a young boy
I had visions of fame
They were wild and they were free
They were blessed with my name
And then I grew older and I saw what's to see
That the world is full of pain and my dreams they left me
And then I got stronger inside of the pain
That's when I picked up the pieces and I regained my name
And I fought hard y'all to carve out my place
And right now you could ask me and it all seems in place
Your dreams ain't easy but just stick by your plan
To go from boys to men you gotta act like a man
When it gets hard y'all grab what you know
And my background sing you will know you will know
Yeah you will know you will know
Yeah get back yeah yeah yeah
And I know you're cryin' 'cos it's always this way
And the things you want you can't have
It just all went away but life ain't over, hoo hoo
Just ride the wind and make amends
And the vow will take you far
Your dreams ain't easy stick by your plan boy go from boys to men
I know it ain't easy it gets hard sometimes yes it does
Stand up tall don't you fall and you will know, ah
Hey, there's no doubt about it you will know
You will know hey hey
You will know yeah hey
Your dreams ain't easy stick by your plans
Boys to men you must act like a man
It ain't hard yeah grab what you know
Oh your dreams ain't easy hey hey hey yeah
Boys to men
I know it ain't easy
Yeah come on D and
Sing this song yeah yeah yeah
You know hey yeah yeah woah, woah

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