Karaoké Low Carrie Underwood

Karaoké Low Carrie Underwood

Tonalité identique à l'original : Si

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Like a cigarette without a light
Like a whippoorwill without the night
A broken buzz that's lost its high
Oh baby that's what I feel like
I'm so low
I'm so low
Like a diamond ring without a stone
Like a guitar without a song
Everything that was right is wrong
Ever since baby you've been gone
I'm so low
I'm so low
Yeah I'm low and blue
I'm so lonesome for you oh yeah
Oh oh oh, oh
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Oh, I've hit rock bottom I'm in deep
I can't get no air
I can't get no sleep
Without you by my side
I tried to see the light baby but I can't
'Cos way down here in the world I am the sun don't shine
'Cos I'm low, low, low, low
I'm so low
I'm so tangled up and blue
I'm so lonesome for you
And I don't know what to do
'Cos I'm so lonesome for you yeah I'm lonesome
For you

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