Karaoké Must Be Love Cassie

Karaoké Must Be Love Cassie & P. Diddy

Tonalité identique à l'original : Mi♭m

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Uh, you feel it, uh it must be love
Ha ha ha ha yeah, it feels like love
It's bad boy bitch you know how we do
Stimulate my heart surrender my mind
Look at to my eyes and forever you'll find
A Bad boy turned good how could it be true
And all thru my pain how could it be you
How could it be new
How could it be my key the way it's do
How could it be as me as pursue about
The ghetto wise do about getting a night job
Just to keep my mind grounded in you
And all that jazz what else can make
A nigga spend all his cash
A chick with a face
A chick with a little skinny waist
A chick with a mind a matching nice taste
Plus I got the mind to snatch you like wait
Why you wanna tie me up like regains
Reverse the poops as long you gotta
Them little high heels on it's on
This is something
I never wanted
But since I met you
I've been on it
I think about you all the time
I can't get you off my mind
I know this can't be love
But baby it must be love oh thinking of going
All of the way
I wanna show you
But I'm afraid
I know you say it's all on me
Maybe tonight
I let you see
I know this must be love
I know it must be love
Don't wanna give in to you so easily
But I can't even fight it you make me so weak
And I can't understand what your doing to me
But I like it
I like it
I heard you whisper something to me
Hold me close now baby don't leave
Emotions taking over something's controlling me
I know this can't be love
But baby it must be love
What am I feeling it's getting stronger
And I can't hold it back much longer
All though we try to be cool it's all because of you
I know this must be love
Baby it must be love so deeply
Understand I like it
I like it
Nah in a minute
I must have to check myself
Into the psycho
I'm going crazy and I don't
Know what
I'm fighting for
See it's too easy to run from this
And my minds sayin'
I can't really
Fuck with this trynna resist but every passion
And kiss blow my mind like a terrorist
You can be mine one some forever shit
Ever shit, oh, hmm
I'm a treat believer trynna be thuf
But the look in your face it's so delectated
It's something you do if you got me in a trance
You got me running and doing shit
I ain't used to doing thinking bout a chance
Maybe a slowdance maybe we hold hands
Fur coats and friends keep going
Go diving on beaches with white diamonds in the sand
Then we handgliding over cans
And you can be my number one fan
And I could be your love in the club
For as long as the song lasts
The way you make me feel got me goin' crazy
Tell me what you doing tonight
I'll be there right away take a ride with you homie
Oh when you know
I'm gonna give you my love
Boy so glad that you're mine you're all mine
Do you wanna spend some time with me
Don't wanna give in don't wanna fight it
You make me so weak
I can't deny it
Yes I like it
I like it
Don't wanna give in don't wanna fight it
You make me so weak
I can't deny it

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