Karaoké Last Night Chris Anderson

Karaoké Last Night Chris Anderson feat. DJ Robbie

Tonalité identique à l'original : Sol

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Right, babahoo, babahoo hey, hey ladies and gentlemen
Are you ready?
I feel good
Oh, hey, oh, my love
I wanna make you move
Hey, hey, baby all night long
My song is playin' for you baby and everybody say with me
I gotta feel good baby ha, ha, oh, hey, hey, hey
My baby
Oh, yeah
Come into my life lovely darling and everybody say with me
I gotta feel good let's go music, here we go
Hey hey ladies and gentlemen
Mister Robbie, here we go
Shake it mama, you're so shagadeegadooh she
Bam bam gonna puff for you jelly papa tango papapapa tango
Mama, mama ola bugobuduh to
Tiga tiga mama ooh pal babahoo babahoo
Ah mama ooh alagedullah, gedullah
I get a bam
I get a bam bam, yeah, yeah
You sing nine a wonder stub, bud you pop and dance where the man gonna get it
Babahoo babahoo babahoo, bam bam
Oh, hey give it to me babe, hey
I need now right here
Gonna do it now gon-gonna just freak out all my love
I'm feeling good think about you
And everybody c'mon and sing with me, yeah
Oh, baby, baby hey, hey, hey, hey baby show me the way of love
I need you now darlin'
I'm crazy lovin' you, ooh, baby
I kinda feel, feel feel, feel, feel, feel oh, when you take my heart
So girl take t-take, t-take, t-take, take gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta wooh
Now what you got has all ah go lee jam
Uh, backscrub born a born a way bab
What is gone in a bunny wind we gonna jams in the New Orleans now
I'm gonna go in a women's God show
Tell me downtown tell me no, yeah
That's alright
I'm about on this no
I take a body that the world around
Gonna shake gonna big gonna make it girl
A rock show 'round on the neighbourhood
Babahoo babahoo babahoo babahoo digadingading pam
Hey, hey, baby buleebap buleebap ooh
Oh, yeah all right
Babahoo babahoo, bam bam

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