Karaoké 9th Wonder (Blackitolism) (Clean) Digable Planets

Karaoké 9th Wonder (Blackitolism) (Clean) Digable Planets

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Paroles de 9th Wonder (Blackitolism) (Clean)

Ah yeah, whole world
MC who's slick
Relax lay flat notice I get up a natural feel when
I'm fresh ass here
Style baby out and clout stays pretty and fresh east coast to west
Brooklyn uptown
The money make the money to the universal fair
The money make the money
Home school MCs
I'm slicker this year
I'm slicker this year
Myrtle Ave A train got the pick in my hair
And what sixteen joints later still loungin'
Fresh from Flatbush in my baggy booster def
Style is tight jeans bust the campy fatigues
Fifty thousand leagues of black so what's up
Can we avenue slide player style ghetto walk
To the east and wild
Brooklyn New York
Lemme get your Smith and
Wesson with a blessing
The angular slang blow spots bang eleven
Hangin' like macks in the twelve inch wax
She sportin' me hoe and my hair say fro
And my blood say bro my clique say ay yo
Make sparks from the barrel makes yo pistol
To the depths I dive seems lunar like aqua
The cool blast mega we black we wild flowers
Shack a rack got 'em all I gots the ball
And roll a little practice through these project halls
Three color black can't hold my baggy sack seven one eight two a maybe
Black motion is ocean style slick in my ways since days of B classic
Now glamour boys want to be triple phatter
But I'm slicker this year
I'm slicker this year yeah
East born beats Tannoy's on lovely all over the city
In your tape deck blasting seven r's and the phat fly and the camouflage
Make the money
To the hip hop to the mix tape crew make the money
Make the money
To the west coast to the boogie down make the money
I was raised in the ways of the Manchu clan
Fine elements posture take a B boy stance
With the gold front shinin' baggy pants saggin'
This Brooklyn stylin' got the fly girls smilin'
But I'm climbin' findin' new ways of rhymin'
Not livin' like a star it's strictly 'bout survivin'
Divin' dip into the groove of the ghetto
It's downtown flavor shines from many angles
Yes the notorious which rhymes so glorious
The Manchu monkeys over flunkeys are victorious
Rappers be buggin' us with rhymes so conventional
Dazed and amazed when they hear the three dimensional
Look at the skills of the insect in motion
Coasting down front with a bag of magic potion
Now I'm movin' with the suckas and impressin'
Pumpin' some expressions manifestin' today's lesson
Stressin' the fact that I'm solar guaranteed to go far 'cos the mind is interstellar
Still it's like that so have no fear
But I'm slicker this year
I'm slicker this year
Make the money
To the queens everywhere to the hoes as a I make the money
Make the money
To the lumps that match
Don't forget about your biggest friend make the money
Now you see that I am sixty eight inches above sea level
Ninety three million miles above these devils
Play me in the winter play me in the summer
Play me in the order any order
You want 'em I got 'em drippin' like water
Catch me at a hot spot with the Dust daughters
We bouncing we're we're within the juice circles
We played you made you change straight New Yorked you
We stratify our wealth from our lootsky in the bank
There's love amongst the bank now I'm a
'Bout to meet my homegirl 'cos we be alike
A alike see alike we see alike
On the wheels no one's smoother
Jazzy Joyce Jazzy Joyce
Jazzy Joyce where you from
Phatter than a ninety four land cruiser
The bronx representin'
Cool are you slicker this year like whatever fly, yeah watch
Hit it
Hit it
Hit it
Hit it
Hit it
Hit it
Hit it
Hit it
Hit it

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