Karaoké Mack The Knife Ella Fitzgerald

Karaoké Mack The Knife (Live) Ella Fitzgerald

Tonalité identique à l'original : Sol, La♭, La, Si♭, Si, Do, Ré♭

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Paroles de Mack The Knife

Thank you, we'd like to do something for you now
We haven't heard a girl sing it and it since it's so popular
We'd like to try and do it for you
We hope we remember all the words
Oh, the shark has pearly teeth, dear
And he shows them pearly white
Just a jack knife has MacHeath, dear
And he keeps it out of sight
Oh, the shark bites with his teeth, dear
Scarlet billows start to spread
Fancy gloves though wears MacHeath dear
So there's not not a trace of red
On Sunday
Sunday morning
Lies a body oozin' life
Someone's sneaking 'round the corner
Tell me could it be could it be, could it be
Mack the Knife?
Oh, what's the next chorus?
To this song, now
This is the one, now
I don't know
But it was a swinging tune and it's a hit tune
So we tried to do
Mack the Knife
Ah, Louis Miller oh, something about cash
Yeah, Miller he was spending that trash
And MacHeath dear he spends like a sailor
Tell me, tell me, tell me could that boy do something rash
Oh, Bobby Darin and Louis Armstrong
They made a record oh, but they did
And now Ella, Ella and her fellas
We're making a wreck what a wreck of Mack the Knife
Oh, Snookie Taudry ba ba ba ba doom ba ba de doom do do
Saying, ba bo da yo da bo da bo da yo da bo da
Just a jack knife has MacHeath, dear
And it do bo do ba do be do um da ya um ba
So, you've heard it
Yes, we've swung it
And we tried to
Yes, we sung it
You won't recognize it it's a surprise hit
This tune called
Mack the Knife
And so we leave you in Berlin town
Yes, we've swung old Mack we've swung old Mack in town
For the Darin fans and for the
Louis Armstrong fans too
We told you look out look out, look out old MacHeath's back in town

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