Karaoké Route 66 (Live) Ella Fitzgerald

Karaoké Route 66 (Live) Ella Fitzgerald en duo avec Ray Charles

Tonalité identique à l'original : La♭

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Paroles de Route 66 (Live)

Yeah baby man now
How you feel mama?
Look out
Kinda hot
Oh wait a minute y'all
Come on
Come on
Ever plan to motor west
Would you take the highway
Start movin', start movin' yeah hey l tell you that's the best one that's best, one that's best
Get your kicks
Huh how doo doo doo doo doo dah on Route Sixty-Six
Well it winds from Chicago to L.A.
Back to ya L.A. huh huh
Take the highway that's the best, look here
The one that's best the best yeah oh oh yeah yeah
Get your kicks on Route Sixty-Six
Now let me tell ya Ella
Now you go through Saint Louis
Joplin, Missouri and Oklahoma
City looks mighty pretty
And there and here ah to this time look here
Look mighty pretty
Get your kicks on Route
Ah Kingman to Barstow
San Bernardino way
Boo bah doo ba dee bah doo dow bow bay
There you go sing all baby
Bip bip bip bip bey bwe bah doo bey doo ya doh dop mmm bey
Dan dan danum
Gettin' your kicks
Ah duh
Sixty-Six bowm
Yeah beet domp doo dee doot
Doo dee don a maw
You ba bey yeah
This is the thrill with you, babe
Sing on baby
Sing on, sing on, sing on about Route Sixty-Six
Mama deet yeah come on girl
Bah bah doo be doo dee alright
Bah bah doo bah do bah dey um bah doo dah boop
Alright 'n boo doop did dat dayum
Beep whip bwah do dwee doo dah aye doo daum
One more time
One more
One more
Doh dow doh way 'n doo day jay doh dee oh dulee oh do dee
Ah dot dot dom doh dlee oh do wee doo dah
Dit dit dit dit dit doolya doot dit dit dit dit dit dit dit dit
Oh we dot dot dum doo dee bah dee bah do
Do doo beh deh yeh dow boww an' wait a minute here
Ah now you go through
Saint Louis, Joplin, Missouri
Yeah and Oklahoma City
Looks mighty pretty ya see Amarillo ah
Bow bow bow baby doh doh doh doh doh
Gallup, New Mexico dot dot dot day
Flagstaff, Arizona
Don't forget Winona
Kingman, Barstow
San Bernardino
Won't you
Bip bee doo be doo mm day get movin', get movin', mmm get hip to this timely tip
When you make that California trip ah oh yeah get your kicks
California, California yeah
On Route Sixty-Six get your kicks oh
Boo ba doo bah deeh bah doo bah doo yow on Route Sixty-Six
Bah bah doo bah doo yah doo yah dey dah
Go go go go kicks girl boon dey on Route Sixty-Six
Bad um dad a da duh dah da dauh dum
Bip bey doo ba doo ya doo yey dum boom down yeah yeah, hey hey down down dow
Sa ba doo ba dey um do ba dowm ooh yeh

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