Karaoké Chances Five for Fighting

Karaoké Chances Five for Fighting

Tonalité identique à l'original : Si♭

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Chances are when said and done who'll be the lucky ones who make it all the way
Though you say
I could be your answer
Nothing lasts forever no matter how it feels today
Chances are we'll find a new equation chances roll away from me
Chances are all they hope to be
Don't get me wrong
I'd never say never 'cos though love can change the weather
No act of God can pull me away from you
I'm just a realistic man a bottle filled with shells and sand
Afraid to love beyond what
I can lose when it comes to you and though
I see us through yeah
Chances are we'll find two destinations chances roll away from me
Still chances are more than expectations the possibilities over me
Eight to five, two to one lay your money on the sun
Until you crash what have you done is there a better bet than love
What you are is what you breathe you gotta cry before you sing
Chances lost are hopes torn up pages
Maybe this time...
Chances are we'll be the combination chances come and carry me
Chances are waiting to be taken and I can see
Chances are the fascination chances won't escape from me
Chances are only what we make them and all I need

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