Karaoké Bowie's In Space Flight of the Conchords

Karaoké Bowie's In Space Flight of the Conchords

Tonalité identique à l'original : Sol

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Paroles de Bowie's In Space

Bowie's in space
Bowie's in space whatcha doin' out there man
That's pretty freaky
Ooh, Bowie is it cold out there in space Bowie
You can bump my Jumper if you like Bowie
Does the cold of deep space make your nipples go pointy Bowie
Do you use your pointy nipples as
Telescopic antennae to transmitt data back to Earth
Bet you do, you freaky old bastard, you
Do you have one really freaky sequin space suit, Bowie
Or do you have several ch, changes
Do you smoke grass out there in space, Bowie
Or do they smoke astroturf, ooh
Recieving transmission from David Bowie's nipple antennae
Do you read me
Lieutenent Bowie
I said, do you read me
Lieutenent Bowie, ah
This is Bowie to Bowie do you hear me out there, man
This is Bowie back to Bowie I read you loud
And clear, man ooh yeah, man
Your signal's weak on my radar screen how far out are you, man
I'm pretty far out that's pretty far out, man
Oh, ah, oh
I'm orbiting Pluto oh, ah, oh
Drawn in by it's groovitational groovitational pull
I'm jamming out with the Mick
Jaggernauts, so
And they think it's pretty cool, man mmh, yoh, ooh, ah
Are you okay, Bowie what was that sound
I don't know, man I have to turn my ship around
Oh, it's the craziest scene
Yeah, I'm picking it up on my LSD screen
Can you see the statosphere ringing
To the choir of
Afronauts singing
Bowie's in space
Bowie, Bowie
Bowie, Bowie, Bowie
Bowie's in space
Bowie, Bowie
Bowie, Bowie, Bowie
Eenie, ma, ma, meenie mynie mowie phasers on funky
Eenie, ma, ma meenie mynie mowie
Ah b, b, b, b, b, b
Bowie's in space

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