Karaoké Oye Como Va Gerardo

Karaoké Oye Como Va Gerardo

Tonalité identique à l'original : Lam

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Friday night
I just got paid gotta quench my thirst
I ain't thinking 'bout no Gatorade just who's gonna be my first
Will it be another blonde redhead or brunette
Yo what did I have last week hmm I tend to forget
Time now to select my threads
I don't wear suits
I wrap a rag around my head put on my steel toe boots
Tonight I'm looking fly but I ain't satisfied
'Till I slip my leather jacket on it says Latin 'till I die
Drove up to the valet man he parked my ride
I walked up like a movie star with screaming fans outside
Didn't have to say a word they let me in
They said you don't have to wait or pay
So I stepped in with a grin
Ladies rushed me left and right what else is new
Don't need no Spanish fly for the girls to stick like glue
Don't need no fancy car ain't flashing no gold
Just have this Latin blood it drives them all out of control
Try oye como vas as your opening line
Say Que buena, que estas now that means girl you're looking fine
That's all it takes now shake and bake have yourself a blast
Remember have no mercy when they holler please no mas
Homies try to stand me down they're all in doubt
Am I from a new set that they don't know about
Guys you can relax
I'm done with that scene
Just because I dress this way doesn't mean that
I'm not clean
Way back when I used to bang money filled the walls
Now the ladies read about me as they sit on toilet stalls
But with all jokes aside
I'm not your average guy
I wear my crown new king and town
I'm Latin till I die

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