Karaoké The Nicest Kids in Town Hairspray (2007 film)

Karaoké The Nicest Kids in Town Hairspray (film, 2007)

Tonalité identique à l'original : La♭, La, Si♭, Si

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Hey there Teenage Baltimore
Don't change that channel 'cos it's time for the Corny Collins Show
Brought to you by
Ultra Clutch Hairspray
Oh every afternoon when the clock strikes four
A crazy bunch of kids crash through that door yeah
Well they throw off their coats and leave the squares behind
And then they shake it shake it, shake it like they're losing their mind
You'll never see them frown 'cos they're the nicest kids in town
Every afternoon you turn your TV on ooh
And we know you turn the sound up when your parents are gone yeah
And then you twist and shout for your favorite star
And when you've practiced every step that's in your repertoire
You better come on down and meet the nicest kids in town ooh
Nice white kids who like to lead the way
And once a month we have our negro day
And I'm the man who keeps it spinnin' round
Mister Corny Collins with the latest greatest
Baltimore sound
So every afternoon drop everything ooh
Who needs to read and write when you can dance and sing?
Ah bop-bee-ba ba
Forget about your algebra and calculus
You can always do your homework on the morning bus
Can't tell a verb from a noun they're the nicest kids in town
Ro-ro-ro-roll call
Bix Jessie
And I'm
So if every night you're shaking as you lie in bed shake it baby
And the bass and drums are pounding in your head
Who cares about sleep when you can snooze in school?
They'll never get to college but they sure look cool
Don't need a cap and a gown when you're the nicest kids in town
Yeah they're the nicest nicest yeah the nicest nicest
They're the sugar and spicest nicest kids in
Kids in town ooh

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