Karaoké Helpless Hamilton

Karaoké Helpless Hamilton

Tonalité identique à l'original : Fa

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Ooh, I do I do I do I do
Ooh, I do I do I do I do boy you got me
Helpless, look into your eyes and the sky's the limit
I'm helpless down for the count and I'm drownin' in 'em
I have never been the type to try and grab the spotlight
We were at a revel with some rebels on a hot night
Laughin' at my sister as she's dazzling the room
Then you walked in and my heart went "Boom !"
Tryin' to catch your eye from the side of the ballroom
Everybody's dancin' and the band's top volume
Grab my sister, and whisper
"Yo, this one's mine"
My sister made her way across the room to you
And I got nervous, thinking what's she gonna do?
She grabbed you by the arm
I'm thinkin' "I'm through"
Then you look back at me and suddenly
I'm helpless oh look at those eyes oh
Yeah I'm helpless
I know
I'm so into you
I am so into you
I know I'm down for the count and I'm drownin' in 'em
Where are you taking me?
I'm about to change your life
Then by all means lead the way
Elizabeth Schuyler it's a pleasure to meet you
My sister
Thank you for all your service
If it takes fighting a war for us to meet it will have been worth it
I'll leave you to it
One week later
I'm writin' a letter nightly
Now my life gets better every letter that you write me
Laughin' at my sister 'cos she wants to form a harem
I'm just sayin' if you really loved me you would share him
Ha! Two weeks later in the living room stressin'
My father's stone-faced while you're asking for his blessin'
I'm dying inside as you wine and dine
And I'm tryin' not to cry 'cos there's nothing that your mind can't do
My father makes his way across the room to you
I panic for a second thinking we're through
But then he shakes your hand and says "Be true"
And you turn back to me smiling and I'm helpless
That boy is mine
That boy is mine
Helpless down for the count and I'm drownin' in em
Eliza, I don't have a dollar to my name
An acre of land, a troop to command, a dollop of fame
All I have's my honor a tolerance for pain
A couple of college credits and my top-notch brain
Insane, your family brings out a different side of me
Peggy confides in me
Angelica tried to take a bite of me
No stress, my love for you is never in doubt
We'll get a little place in
Harlem and we'll figure it out
I've been livin' without a family since I was a child
My father left, my mother died
I grew up buckwild
But I'll never forget my mother's face, that was real
And long as I'm alive
Eliza, swear to God you'll never feel so
I do I do I do I do
I do I do I do I do
Yeah yeah
I've never felt so
Now my life is gone be fine 'cos Eliza's in it
I look into your eyes and the sky's the limit
I'm drownin' in 'em

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