Karaoké One Last Time Hamilton

Karaoké One Last Time Hamilton

Tonalité identique à l'original : Solm

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Mister President
You asked to see me?
I know you're busy
What do you need Sir?
I wanna give you a word of warning
I don't know what you heard but whatever it is
Jefferson started it
Thomas Jefferson resigned this morning
You're kidding
I need a favor
Whatever you say, Sir
Jefferson will pay for his behavior
Shh talk less
I'll use the press
I'll write under a pseudonym you'll see what I can do to him
I need you to draft an address
Yes, he resigned
You can finally speak your mind
No, he's stepping down so he can run for president
Ah, good luck defeating you Sir
I'm stepping down
I'm not running for president
I'm sorry what?
One last time
Relax have a drink with me
One last time
Let's take a break tonight and then we'll teach them how to say goodbye
To say goodbye you and I
No, Sir, why?
Sir, with Britain and France
I wanna talk about neutrality on the verge of war
Is this the best time?
I want to warn against partisan fighting but
Pick up a pen start writing
I wanna talk about what I have learned the hard-won wisdom
I have earned
As far as the people are concerned you have to serve
You could continue to serve
No, one last time the people will hear from me
One last time
And if we get this right we're gonna teach 'em how to say goodbye
You and I
Mister President they will say you're weak
No, they will see we're strong
Your position is so unique
So I'll use it to move them along
Why do you have to say goodbye?
If I say goodbye
The nation learns to move on
It outlives me when I'm gone
Like the scripture says
Everyone shall sit under their own vine and fig tree and no one shall
Make them afraid
They'll be safe in the nation we've made
I wanna sit under my own vine and fig tree a moment alone
In the shade at home in this nation we've made
One last time
One last time
Though in reviewing the incidents of my administration
I am unconscious
Of intentional error
I am nevertheless too sensible of my defects
Not to think it probable that I may have committed many errors
I shall also carry with me the hope that my country will view them with indulgence
And that after forty-five years of my life dedicated to its service
With an upright zeal the faults of incompetent abilities
Will be consigned to oblivion as I myself must soon be to the mansions of rest
I anticipate with pleasing expectation that retreat in which I promise myself
To realize the sweet enjoyment of partaking in the midst of my fellow-citizens
The benign influence of good laws under a free government
The ever-favorite object of my heart and the happy reward as I trust
Of our mutual cares labors and dangers
One last time
Teach 'em how to say goodbye
You and I going home
History has its eyes on you you you yeah hey
We're gonna teach 'em
How to say goodbye teach 'em how to say goodbye to say goodbye
To say goodbye
One last time time

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