Karaoké Angie Baby Helen Reddy

Karaoké Angie Baby Helen Reddy

Tonalité de la chanson : Solm

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You live your life in the songs you hear on the rock'n'roll radio
And when a young girl doesn't have any friends
That's a really nice place to go
Folks hopin' you'd turn out cool
But they had to take you out of school
You're a little touched you know
Angie Baby
Lovers appear in your room each night
And they whirl you 'cross the floor
But they always seem to fade away when your daddy taps on your door
Angie girl, are you all right?
Tell the radio good night
All alone once more
Angie Baby
Angie Baby you're a special lady
Livin' in a world of make believe, well maybe
Stoppin' at her house is a neighbor boy with evil on his mind
'Cos he's been peekin' in Angie's room at night through the window blinds
I see your folks have gone away
Would you dance with me today?
I'll show you how to have a good time
Angie Baby
When he walks in her room he feels confused like he walked into a play
And the music's so loud it spins him around 'till his soul has lost its way
And as she turns the volume down
He's getting smaller with the sound
It seems to pull him off the ground
Toward the radio he's bound never to be found
The headlines read that a boy disappeared and everyone thinks he died
'Cept a crazy girl with a secret lover who keeps her satisfied
It's so nice to be insane no one asks you to explain
Her radio by her side
Angie Baby
Angie Baby
You're a special lady
Livin' in a world of make believe
Well maybe
Well maybe
Well maybe

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