Karaoké Dandy Herman's Hermits

Karaoké Dandy Herman's Hermits

Tonalité de la chanson : Ré

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Dandy Dandy where you gonna go now
Who you gonna run to
All your little life you're chasing all the girls
They can't resist your smile, uh oh
They long for Dandy Dandy chattin' up the ladies tickling their fancy
Pouring out your charms to meet your own demands
And you turn it off at will, uh oh
They long for Dandy Dandy knocking on the back door climbing through the window
Hubby's gone away and while the cat's away the mice are gonna play, uh oh
You low down Dandy
Dandy Dandy
Dandy you know you're moving much too fast
And Dandy you know you can't escape the past
Look around you and see the people settle down
And when you're old and grey you will remember what they said
That two girls are too many three's a crowd and four you're dead
Oh Dandy Dandy when you gonna give up are you feeling old now
You always will be free and you need no sympathy
A bachelor you will stay and Dandy you're all right
You're all right you're all right
You're all right you're all right
You're all right

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