Karaoké Night Calls Joe Cocker

Karaoké Night Calls Joe Cocker

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The night gang started working with a mile of southern road
As I watched I got to thinking you ain't never coming home
I looked out of nowhere there was nobody at all
To get me help
To get through to you
I'm here making night calls
Night calls
Making night calls
Night calls
Making night calls
I gaved
I tried too hard to reach you
But you must be moving fast
All my hopes about the future will just live on into the past
You know that it ain't easy and the twilight starts to fade
Sitting here in chill of the morning thinking of the plans we made
Oh, night calls
Making night calls
Let it ring the night calls ooh oh, making night calls
Aw, oh night calls
Give up those night calls and I know yeah

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