Karaoké Never Find Someone Like You Keith Martin

Karaoké Never Find Someone Like You Keith Martin

Tonalité de la chanson : Mi♭

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Paroles de Never Find Someone Like You

Oh yeah oh yeah
I'll never hoo, hoo
Girl you take my breath away and when I'm with someone new
I'd rather be here with you near me forever
My heart belongs to you 'cos I think about you all the time
I know my love is true when we're together
I played around girl and
I made you cry
When I looked up you were saying goodbye
I'm beggin' you please
I need you so bad
Don't leave me now you're the best that I've had
No I never ooh oh
No one would ever do the way I would make love to you whoa
All I have is just my heart and my feelings I give to you
That's all that I can do to give you forever
Ah you don't know that you're hurting me 'cos it's not just a sexual thing
I want to share my dreams baby together
Girl I'm afraid you're still givin' up on
My heart's tellin' me to hold back on my love
But when you get close I just want you to know
I start to get weak and
I can't let you go
Oh whoa yeah no I never
No one could ever do the way I would make love to you ooh, ooh
Just your smile tenderness girl I won't let you down
Never no never find no one that goes next to you, ooh
Hey, oh oh yeah baby baby baby yeah ooh whoa
I'll never find someone like you
And I promise to honor you whoa yeah
Whoa oh woah woah
Ah yeah, ah yeah, ah yeah ah yeah hoo
If I would spend my life through
I won't ever find someone like you

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