Karaoké Come And Get With Me Keith Sweat

Karaoké Come And Get With Me Keith Sweat feat. Snoop Dogg

Tonalité de la chanson : Fa♯m

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Paroles de Come And Get With Me

Keith Sweat an'
Snoop D O double G
Real playas doin' this V I P you feel me
So all the ladies that wanna get with us
You got to be special
V I P come get with me, hmm
Goodness griefness
Snoop an' Keith
Sweat a double dose of this triple threat
Yep, Moet White Star in a glass
Here's a toast to the fool that let you slip in with no pass
All access you can jump in and test
When we through parlayin' you dig what I'm sayin'
You look good girl but you'd look better if you was with me
Git in where you fit in let's do this V I P
Uh look here shorty you really got it goin' on
I like the way you move it girl when the DJ plays this song
You're lookin' real good to me sittin' in the V I P you really need to get with me
Cristal flowin' body still glowin'
Thousands is everywhere but I still had to stop and stare
'Cos you're lookin' real good to me
Sittin' in the VIP you really need to get with me
Shorty come on come on
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh tonight babe
Ah yeah babe
Girl can you can you
We're rollin' out in the Lex tell ya what we'll do next
I know a little spot in town where we can fool around
Girl I wanna turn you on make love all night long you lookin' real good to me
See the night is young girl let's have some fun
Just wanna lay you down tear those blue eyes down
I wanna get with you tell me what you wanna do
You need yeah yeah
Treat me tonight baby
Now I done seen a lotta girls but none like you
You red boned and thick got it goin' on, ooh
Cheatin' in the next room
I slid by the rest room
When all I heard was zoom zoom zoom
I see you peekin' but you ain't speakin'
Put yo' drink down think now stop tweekin'
A once in a lifetime experience
Come get with me it will be luxurious
I'm serious and curious to find out what turns you on
I'm Snoop Doggy Dogg with the Doggy bone
Hangin' with Keith Sweat in his V I P section
Tryin' to give you more than the average affection
Type of mo' close the do' let's throw it down
You never thought that
Keith Sweat would hook up with the Dog Pound
Gangsta's finest take time to listen
Come get with me 'cos we on a mission
Yo yo yo what's happenin' baby come on into this V I P section
Oh don't worry 'bout it you ain't got no wrist band
We gon' getcha in it's all access
Chillin' with the
DPG doin' the V I P that's real
Don't even worry 'bout no wristband you rollin' with the dog baby
Yeah, yeah, yeah
DPG get with me get with me get with me come get with me
Get with me get with me get with me, yeah, yeah

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