Karaoké Make You Sweat Keith Sweat

Karaoké Make You Sweat Keith Sweat

Tonalité identique à l'original : Mim

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Paroles de Make You Sweat

Ooh baby
Give it to me now girl yeah
Ain't nobody here baby but me an' you yeah girl
I wanna pull down the shades dim the lights
Do what I wanna do to you yeah girl so tell me now baby
I think you're tryin' to play hard to get girl oh girl
Before the night is over
I bet I bet
I can make you sweat girl no way
I say yes
I want you right now ooh give it baby tonight girl yeah girl
Let me kiss you here and there
I'll do anything you want me to yeah baby
I wanna drive you wild baby lemme lemme let me
Drive you wild babe yeah lady girl
No baby yeah my baby baby
I want her right now baby
Right right now girl ooh
On a lonely night 'tween me an' you
I wanna do you right hmm baby that's what
I wanna do
Hmm put your arms in the air let me kiss
Everywhere hmm yeah
Ooh yeah well give it to you babe
Ooh yeah I'm startin' to lose my mind
Ooh ah, ooh yeah babe ooh ah
Think about it baby babe think about it
Say yeah ooh yes
I say yes yes yes yes yes
Ooh yes please yes
Oh yes yes yes yes yeah yes
Don't' tell me no girl don't tell me no baby
Ooh girl
I want you girl yeah
Ooh girl
I want it right now girl
You feel like a freak
I know you
You feel like a real freak uh, I bet you do
I'm gonna get that love tonight mama
Uh, yes I am uh, I'm gonna get
That love tonight mama yes I am
Get that love tonight babe do it right
I'm gonna get love get love
Get love
Baby please baby please
Don't tell me no baby don't tell me no
When you know that I want you right now
Don't you know
I can handle it baby
I'm begging baby
Baby I can handle every bit of your love girl if you give it to me baby
I'm makin' it

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