Karaoké Stole Kelly Rowland

Karaoké Stole Kelly Rowland

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Oh oh oh
He was always such a nice boy the quiet one
With good intentions he was down for his brother
Respectful to his mother a good boy
But good don't get attention
One kid with a promise the brightest kid in school
He's not a fool reading books about science
And smart stuff it's not enough no 'cos smart don't make you cool
With his father's nine and a broken fuse he's all over primetime news
Mary's got the same size hands as Marilyn Monroe
She put her fingers in the imprints at Mann's chinese theatre show
She could've been a movie star
Never got the chance to go that far
Her life was stole oh oh now we'll never know
Now we'll never know, no oh oh oh
They were crying to the camera
Said he never fitted in he wasn't welcomed
He showed up to the parties he was hanging in
Some guys was puttin' him down bullyin' him 'round 'round
Now I wish I would've talked to him
Gave him the time of day not turn away
If I woulda been the one to maybe go this far
He might have stayed at home
Playing angry chords on his guitar
With his baggy pants and his legs in chains everybody knows his name
Ooh ooh she coulda been a movie star oh oh oh oh oh
Her life was stole, oh oh now we'll never know, oh oh
Twenty feet away
Stole, oh oh oh oh oh now we'll never never know
Hmm now we'll never never never never know
Ooh ooh ooh whoa yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Same size hands oh oh oh oh oh oh
She was gonna be a star oh no never got the chance yeah
Stole stole now we'll never never know no
He had game, oh oh
Never see him Kobe can stole, oh oh oh now we'll never never know
Oh no no no yeah their lives were stole

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