Karaoké My Girl Madness

Karaoké My Girl Madness

Tonalité identique à l'original : Do♯m

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My girl's mad at me
I didn't wanna see the film tonight
I found it hard to say
She thought I'd had enough of her
Why can't she see she's lovely to me?
But I like to stay in and watch TV on my own every now and then
My girl's mad at me
Been on the telephone for an hour we hardly said a word
I tried and tried but I could not be heard
Why can't I explain? why do I feel this pain?
'Cos everything I say she doesn't understand
She doesn't realize she takes it all the wrong way
My girl's mad at me
We argued just the other night
I thought we'd got it straight
We talked and talked until it was light
I thought we'd agreed
I thought we'd talked it out
Now when I try to speak she says that I don't care
She says I'm unaware and now she says I'm weak

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