Karaoké Bang Bang Mani

Karaoké Bang Bang Mani

Tonalité identique à l'original : Si♭

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So black it's a desperate night twenty years back from today
One mother and a kid named Tony learning life the hardest way
And now say well daddy has gone too soon for the young boy to stay cool
Well Tony rules in the schoolyard everybody say
Blue eyes clenched fists and many reasons
For Tony to go astray yeah, yeah
At night he likes to roam he's the only man at home
Ooh ooh, woah yeah
His heart is big like a mansion that is all you need to know
The young boy has become a young man
But the rage didn't cease to grow
Hey boy the path you are taking
Will lead you straight to the wall
Hey boy you're looking for trouble
I'm a policeman after all
And you won't get away yeah, oh
Bang bang gotcha on sight my friend
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
Little Tony boy turned out bad yeah yeah, woah oh
Mister officer you were right come on little Tony boy turned out bad
Uh, he was taught life's a fight bang bang they shoot him down he's dead
I know that's a real shame but this is how the story ends
It's a beautiful world we do live in so his fate is in your hand
And now say uh, press one if you want him out oh
Press two and he's back again yeah
Little Tony boy turned out bad yeah yeah yeah, woah ooh, ooh oh
Oh, yeah oh no no no no oh woah, no woah

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