Karaoké Somethin' 4 Da Honeyz Montell Jordan

Karaoké Somethin' 4 Da Honeyz Montell Jordan

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Uh, yeah comin' right back atcha
Wit a different type o' swing ya know
Ya better ask somebody
Baby this is for you and you and definitely you
I'm the type of guy who takes time to just kick back
I turn around my baseball cap
I have a forty sittin' on my lap
Slammin' the ivories until I sees
A female worth my while
I'm scopin' it
Checkin' her smile and I know that I can get it an' I'll hit it if she's wit it
I get the five to the six seven digits call her up on my cellular
An' all the that I'll say to her
The fun will begin when I hit the skizzins
So if a girlie is lonesome
I think that she knows where to go when she wants some
'Cos money ain't here for nothin'
'Cos I got a little somethin' for da honeyz
Hmm summertime no funner time for me to kick it with you
To find something or someone to get into
I call up my crew
I tell 'em to bring a brew
And some Hennessy for the beach party so call up your girlfriends
And you know there always tends
To be an ugly one but bring her too
Fat or skinny she likes to shoop with Montel in the SL Coupe
While the beat is bumpin' from South central to Compton a little somethin' somethin'
Could very well be the next daring level
Sounding like nobody 'cos I'm on another level
And you fellas can't take it with a shovel
But it ain't for you it's somethin' for da honeyz
Somethin' for da honeyz ah sookie sookie now honeyz
The MO the N to the E double L an'
An' yes I'm guaranteeing that I won't be tellin'
Some people call me money some call me money swinger
Sometimes I bust a rhyme but I'm an R and B singer
An' I'ma go on an' flow on an' you'll tell two
Friends and she'll tell two an' so on an' so on
Another number one hit so get your roll on
You don't have to be so fly
For me to wanna be your guy
This is something for you to roll to
And I see you
I see you
Riding by can I talk to you
Pull over baby so I can get your number
Pull over by the Crenshaw Road
We can talk about it all ah yeah
A little som'in som'in a little som'in som'in
We'll talk it over 'cos this is just for you
Ah yeah
I wanna talk to you
An' if you're not down can I talk to your friend
Ah yeah an' we can wine an' dine
Tellin' you all about it what you missed baby
Somethin' for da honeyz, yeah

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