Karaoké Party Ofenbach

Karaoké Party Ofenbach (feat. Wax & Herbal T)

Tonalité identique à l'original : Si♭m

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While you aim to maintain the status quo
Embody the persona of the average Joe
Me and Herbal T and the Lack of Fro
Are less rational we international
To reiterate in case you're a little late
I incinerate fakes on my dinner plate
We hungry but ya'll gon' starve the hardest
Herbal T ride the mic and get stupid
Party party
I learn to be original
Herbs an individual
Nerds are typical hypocritical pitiful minimal
Impact makers get to back breaking
Hard work it takes to get to that place
Where you can do whatever you want and still kill it
Pass your prescription bottle and we'll fill it
Up with the true party music from the soul ya'll
Wax Herbal T LOA is the roll call
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Here we go now here we go now
Party party let's get down down down
Check it out right now yo check it out
Check it out yeah yeah
Check it out now we can go
Check it out now
Check it out let's go
Party party huh huh huh huh
Check it out yo yo now check it out yeah
Check it out yeah yeah
Check it out now we can go
Check it out oh yeah yeah
Check it out yeah yeah
Let's go

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