Karaoké Cherish Pappa Bear

Karaoké Cherish Pappa Bear

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Cherish the love we have
Ooh as far back as I
Remember the game's been played
Boy cheats girl and girl disses boy
But there's only one exception to the rule
And that is loot and a whole big bag of it
Now I'm speakin' from experience
And when ya broke you know you gittin' no skimmie ends
And if you're lucky like
Luciano now here's my motto
Lay 'em down one by one and make sure it's legato
Straight up mack it ain't a rental now see me smile
My clothes are all from Andre's and I got my game tight
And I'm green if the gold stays on my ring
And if I don't I'm gonna spend the shit on again
It's all good I learn how to roll with the punches
In order for me to get a l'il sumpin' sumpin'
It wasn't the bomb but yo I ain't complainin'
I thank the Lord and so I cherish it uh
Cherish the love woah oh
Ah ah ah
Cherish the love
Lookin' for this boogie beer buddy
The game's a'ight but this brother got
No kinda money so funny 'cos I is
Broke as a joke but I still maintain to
Hold my own selective and check
In my perspective active and yo
Brother's reactin' negative 'cos all I speak is the truth
All I need is a roof and the rest is all cool
I've played the mack but so does everybody else
I'm blessed with my family and my friends
I've choosen few in my life that I cherish
And you other player haters better just vanish
I often pray before I lay down by your side
If you receive your calling before I awake
Could I make it through the night
Yeah yeah yeah yeah tellin' you man we should cherish the love
Cherish the love
Long as we both shall live baby
Ah ah ah oh ah oh cherish the love baby I surely do love you
Why won't we cherish the love
Cherish the love

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