Karaoké Sensitivity Ralph Tresvant

Karaoké Sensitivity Ralph Tresvant

Tonalité de la chanson : Fam

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Listen baby don't even waste your tears on that insensitivity
There's better things for you
I know what you really need someone who cares
Someone who's gonna be there for you
Someone like me baby someone with sensitivity
Ooh ah girl you understand
Give me feeling yeah yeah
Mmm no no no no no
Girl I know it's been hard since he went away
And left you so sad you cry everyday
Let me kiss your tears erase all your doubts
Because for you I'm here you won't be without
With love this is for you baby
Don't need a man that can give you money no
Come on let me show you just what you need honey
You need a man with sensitivity a man like me
Someone who can love you someone who will need you
Someone who will treat you right like me girl
Someone who can hold at night someone stable in your life oh baby
You need a man with sensitivity
A man like me honey
Baby and I'm the man oh you know you know
Honey like I do baby hang in their
Hang on in their baby you need a man
With sensitivity a man like me
Baby baby
Hi baby
You see you need someone who's there like a gentleman
If anybody can fit the description baby I can
Someone who cares and dares to give himself completely you got it in me
You need a man with sensitivity
Ah man like me
I'm a gentleman a man
I like men like me
I'm a gentleman
Man man yeah always
Oh baby don't need a man naw
Oh baby ooh I got what you need
I'm a gentleman honey now oh ah
Oh baby a man like me
Save it save it baby
I got it
Save a little love love for me
Yeah hold on hold on baby
With sensitivity a man like
Hang on hang on it now baby
Everything will be all right
I'm gonna erase all your doubts
Love you forever baby no matter what
Sensitive sensitive
Honey say yeah oh no oh no
I shoulda know
I shoulda know give you money
I should honey
I shoulda know no no no

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