Karaoké Hey Pachuco Royal Crown Revue

Karaoké Hey Pachuco Royal Crown Revue

Tonalité de la chanson : Solm

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Summer fourty three the man's gunnin' for me
Blue and white mean war tonight
They say damn my pride and all
The other cats livin' down the east side
Tonight there's no place to hide
Hey Marie you better grab my jack
And zip gun for me 'cos I'll face no shame
Tonight's the night
I die for our name
Well when we hit downtown we start to throw down we end up doing time
Soon as they've met us they're out to get us
So I stick with that gang of mine
Shibbe boom didde boom deh hey
Shad a boom deh booh deh ay
Shh shh ah shh ha yeah blow baby blow now

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