Karaoké Smash! Smash

Karaoké Smash! Smash feat. Megan Hilty & Katharine McPhee

Tonalité identique à l'original : Dom, Do♯m

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You ask me how far will I go you ask me what I wouldn't do
For the sight of my name as it fills every frame
Yes I want to be more than a flash
I ask you what lie should I tell
I tell you I'm willing to learn
So enroll me in school in your kidney shape pool
In a two piece
I make quite a splash 'cos I want to be a smash
Yes I want to be a hit and run 'till I win every heart
Be a queen to each king or mechanic
Plus you, Mister Zanick but first mister you have to give me the part
I know all the tricks of the trade
I've even invented a few
Now your interest is mounting and soon you'll be counting the lights and the nights and the cash
'Cos I'm gonna be a smash
Yes I'm gonna be a smash
Won't you help me be a

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