Karaoké Hell Hole Spinal Tap

Karaoké Hell Hole Spinal Tap

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The windows dirty the mattress stinks
This ain't no place to be a man
I ain't got no future
I ain't got no past
And I don't think
I ever can
The floor is filthy the walls are thing
The wind is howling in my face
The rats are peeling
I'm losing ground
Can't seem to join the human race, yeah
I'm living in a hell hole don't want to stay in this hell hole
Don't want to die in this hell hole
Girl, get me out of this hell hole, hole
I rode the jetstream
I hit the top
I'm eating steak and lobster tails
The sauna's drafty, woah the pool's too hot
The kitchen stinks of boiling snails
Woah, the taxman's coming the butler quit
This ain't no way to be a man
I'm going back to where I started
I'm flashing back into my pan
Yeah, that's where I'm going why not
It's better in a hell hole you know where you stand in a hell hole
Folks lend a hand in a hell hole
Girl get me back to my hell hole

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