Karaoké Free Stevie Wonder

Karaoké Free Stevie Wonder

Tonalité identique à l'original : Sol♯m, Do♯m, Fa♯m

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Free like the river flowin' freely through infinity
Free to be sure of what I am and who I need not be
Free from all worries worries prey on oneself's troubled mind
Freer than the clock's hands tickin' way the times
Freer than the meaning of free that man defines
Life running through me till I feel my Father
God has called
Me having nothin' but possessing riches more than all
And I'm free to be nowhere
But in every place
I need to be
Freer than a sunbeam shinning through my soul
Free from feelin' heat or knowing bitter cold
Free from conceiving the beginning for that's the infinite start
I'm gone but still living life goes on without a beating heart
Oh, free, hmm, like a vision that the mind of only you can see
Freer than a raindrop falling from the sky
Freer than a smile in a baby's sleepin' eyes
Yeah, I'm free, yeah like a river flowin' freely to infinity
Oh free to be sure of what I am and who
I need not be
And I'm much freer than the meaning
Of the word free that man do man defines
Free, yeah, like the vision that the mind of only only you ever gonna see
Hey yeah free like the river my life goes on and on through infinity

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