Karaoké Angel In Blue Jeans Train

Karaoké Angel In Blue Jeans Train

Tonalité identique à l'original : Lam

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Paroles de Angel In Blue Jeans

And though I never got her name
Or time to find out anything
I loved her just the same
And though I rode a different road and sang a different song
I'll love her 'till my last breath's gone
Like a river made of silver
Everyone came running to the scene
I was shot down in cold blood by an angel in blue jeans
Late that night she got away
I chased her to the turnpike
Then lost her where the music never plays
And though I rolled upon the stones and fell into the water
I'll love her 'till my judgement day
Like a sunrise made of white lies
Everything was nothing as it seems
I was shot down in cold blood by an angel in blue jeans
I hear voices calling all around
I keep falling down
I think my heart could pound right out of me
I see a million different ways to never leave this maze alive
I woke up in somebody's arms strange and so familiar where nothing could go wrong
Barely alive or nearly dead somehow awake in my own bed and there you are
Like a highway headed my way life is but a dream
I was shot down by your love my angel in blue jeans

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