Karaoké We Were Made For This Train

Karaoké We Were Made For This Train

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I woke up on angel island in your arms
To the smell of burning bridges
And the sound of those alarms in my head
We should have stayed in bed
But we held them up for ransom anyway
When the coldest days of winter
Were the summers that we took aim at the Bay and grateful wasn't dead
Like your lips were only made for me to kiss
Oh oh oh oh we were made for this
While the girls all danced beneath a burning man
And the last waltz did somersaults
To finish off the Band where they began
In a wonder winterland
All we ever wanted was to be alone
Learning how to fly to Sly trying to find home
Underneath the Family Stone
And just like New Year's Day was made to reminisce
Oh oh oh oh we were made for this
Love and stardust settle on us like a net
While Buckley's Hallelujah fills our ears from your cassette
While my heart stops beating and you stop breathing Juliette
You're the only thing
I'm ever gonna miss
Oh oh oh we were made for this

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