Karaoké Just Cruisin' Will Smith

Karaoké Just Cruisin' Will Smith

Tonalité identique à l'original : Do♯m

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Uh, woah, ah
Intro to mystro nice flow
Hot like nitro cool as ice though
That type of dicontamy y'all know it's gotta be who else could it be but me
Rub your eyes behold da big billy us
Dream supreme beamed straight from Philly
It's the ecclectic female attractor
Rapper slash actor right back atcha
Into da next millennium many come
But few are chosen see me servin' like da US open
Another type o' hustler listed at Blockbuster goin' as a movie usher
Who is he he or she
SFP movies CDs an' TVs but uh uh
'Cos today I take a break from dat
As I roll where the tank o' gas will take me at
I used to rock keys red I rock these
Now I rock da MP's with da twelve MD's
Today sun high up in da sky from NY lala to MI
Just cruisin' just crusin'
Just cruisin' woah, just crusin'
Zero to sixty flossin' ninety degrees
Sony cartridges ten CD's each
Reach to da beach southside leanin'
It ain't often I'm off an' I'm feignin' in for da
Top down drop down got me hot now heated up can't stop now
What up cutie wop sure sure's cookin' yo
I know I'm spoken for can't hurt lookin' though
Pop CDs BIG's an' Tupac's while cruisin' da blocks hittin' da hot spots
Got my celly on OFF golden arches got my belly goin' oh yes yes
So let's jus' ease on down ease on down da road
No pager's on my hip as I'm rollin' my whip 'cos today I'm on da solo creep
Man why you think I be workin' so hard all week
I'm just cruisin' just cruisin'
I'm just cruisin'
I'm just cruisin'
Just cruisin'
I'm just cruisin'
Just cruisin'
I'm just cruisin'
Sun settin' in da SKY must say I've had the best day
I'm tryin' to find an exit a place to chill not too hectic
So I can spend some time wit Will
Let da sunshine to da moonlight clear my mind soul search see what I find
If I'm bein' the best lover an' friend am I bein' da best daddy I can
I pray I am an' I feel good today
Reminisce as I'm cruisin' around da way
Roll tight past da block where I used to play
Can't think of a better way to spend my day
Uh, still findin' my way still growin'
Petrol low an' move's soon showin'
Gots to get goin' losin' da light
An' da freaks come out at nigh right
Just cruisin' just cruisin'
I'm just cruisin' just cruisin'
I'm just cruisin' just cruisin'
Just cruisin'
I'm just cruisin'

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