Karaoké Another One Bites The Dust Wyclef Jean

Karaoké Another One Bites The Dust Wyclef Jean & Pras & Free

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I need a break uh
I need a break uh
I need a break uh
Yo, I'm for the kids in the club that's ready to get bugged
I'm for the thugs with burners that wanna blast off
An' for the kids on the block shootin' at the crooked cops
Some cat out in Brooklyn just got robbed with a Kangol
My man got shot an' the block got hot
Yo, hey yo I hear more shots it's like Fort Knox kid
If you a soldier at ease my military style is
Known to murder Nazis
Brooklyn to Germany
My kamikaze will blow the U2
Then hire Idi Amin in Timbuktu
Whether you into or do the voodoo
You can't forsee this unless
I bring the previews
Hee yeah hey, hee yeah hey yo it's the number one rappin' band, yo
This review will be critically acclaimed
Leave you in critical pain critically insane
The name Wyclef Jean with the yes yes y'all
Better have a vest y'all
I blast or bless y'all
F y'all the mark o' the beast triple six
Time runnin' out listen to the tick
If you see what I saw then you've seen what is seen
If you know what I know you know what I mean
Commandin' officer o' the
Navy SEAL team
Once I give the orders you feel the infra red beam
For all you critics sayin' another remake
Yo, if you know the deal this is the master reel kid
Yo if you ready fo' that first o' the month
Fo' that welfare check come on
Yo bullet proof vest like the wild wild west
Yo this is a stickup now take off yo' Rolex
Yo dirty money good money yo it's all money money
Yo, yo, for the love for the cash I blast you in my path
Keep my eyes on the math you cats don't know the half
As far as I'm concerned you cats can burn in flames
This ain't no game
I'm 'a start callin' names
So come get me if you know the one fifty
A million refugees ready to bust with me
Cruddy filthy in the trash you gonna have to kill me since you can't beat me
Pras dirty cash with the greedy believe me
You gotta let me follow R Kelly
Bite another dust with my man
Freddie Mercury we're hyped
Now that it's brought you cash wanna be crazy
Practically I tactically destroy deploy more decoys than a presidential convoy
My whole envoy stay camouflaged out
And when I walk the street
I take the refugees out
This one go out to all my thugs in the burrough
Sew the state thorough like Kilamanjaro
Split it with an arrow my girl can turn road
Outta control the female men do know
Free I fall from the egg of a seminarian
Don't go down 'cos
I'm a vegetarian
And when I bust it any guy would trust it
If you bring a gun you betta bring a black pouch
She looked in my eyes and said FBI
She said she loved me she was a spy who lied
Well I could relate you relate
Jerry wonder product
Oh, don't you know we comin' for you
Yo, dirty cash an' baby free
Wyclef Jean Freddie Mercury now Navy SEALS

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