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Streets Kensington 2014
Streets Of Philadelphia Bruce Springsteen 1993
Where The Streets Have No Name U2 1987
Low Flo Rida feat. T-Pain 2007
Streets Of Bakersfield Dwight Yoakam & Buck Owens 1988
Streets Of London Ralph McTell 1969
Dry Your Eyes The Streets 2004
Dark Streets Of London The Pogues 1984
Sorry Kensington 2016
These Streets Paolo Nutini 2006
Streets of Love The Rolling Stones 2005
Heading Up High Armin Van Buuren feat. Kensington 2015
City Streets Carole King 1991
Streets Of Baltimore (Live) Charley Pride 1969
All For Nothing (Extrait du film Bloedlink) Kensington 2014
Takin' It to the Streets The Doobie Brothers 1976
The Streets of New York Mike Denver 2013
Rock n' Roll Party In The Streets Axe 1982
I Can Dream About You Dan Hartman 1984
Sultans of Swing Dire Straits 1977
Walk of Life Dire Straits 1985
Money For Nothing (Radio Edit) Dire Straits 1985
Money For Nothing (Long Version) Dire Straits 1985
Why Did You Do It Stretch 1975
Just Can't Get Enough The Saturdays 2009
So Far Away Dire Straits 1978
Tunnel Of Love Dire Straits 1980
Could Have Been Me The Struts 2013
Twisting By The Pool Dire Straits 1983
Calling Elvis Dire Straits 1991
Body Talks The Struts 2018
Brothers In Arms (Video Edit) Dire Straits 1985
Romeo and Juliet Dire Straits 1980
Sultans of Swing (Live) Dire Straits 1984
Water of Love Dire Straits 1978
The Bug Dire Straits 1992
Once Upon A Time In The West (Live) Dire Straits 1979
Disco Love The Saturdays 2013
Private Investigations Dire Straits 1982
Your Latest Trick Dire Straits 1986
Why Worry? (Instrumental Segment) Dire Straits 1985
On Every Street Dire Straits 1991
Lady Writer Dire Straits 1979
Ticket to Heaven Dire Straits 1991
You and Your Friend Dire Straits 1991
My Heart Takes Over The Saturdays 2011
Down To The Waterline Dire Straits 1978
What About Us The Saturdays 2012
Heavy Fuel Dire Straits 1991
Notorious The Saturdays 2011
All Fired Up The Saturdays 2011
Work The Saturdays 2009
Missing You The Saturdays 2010
Kiss This The Struts 2014
Gentleman The Saturdays 2013
Industrial Disease Dire Straits 1982
Skateaway Dire Straits 1981
30 Days The Saturdays 2012
Ego The Saturdays 2009
Higher The Saturdays 2010
Forever Is Over The Saturdays 2009
Long Stretch Of Love Lady Antebellum 2014
Can't Get Over The Saturdays 2009
What Are You Waiting For? The Saturdays 2014
Up The Saturdays 2008
Starts With Goodbye Carrie Underwood 2005
Feel Like Going Home Tom Jones & Mark Knopfler 1996
Cannibals Mark Knopfler 1996
Poor Boy Blues Chet Atkins & Mark Knopfler 1990
Darling Pretty Mark Knopfler 1996
Sailing To Philadelphia Mark Knopfler & James Taylor 2000
Beryl Mark Knopfler 2015
Border Reiver Mark Knopfler 2009
Kickstarts Example 2010
The Next Time I'm In Town Chet Atkins & Mark Knopfler 1990

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