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Team Lorde 2013
Wir sind die Kinder vom Süderhof Mickie Krause feat. Chaos Team 2016
Royals Lorde 2013
The A Team Ed Sheeran 2011
The A Team Birdy 2011
The A Team Boyce Avenue 2012
Everyone Has Aids Team America: World Police 2004
Buzzcut Season Lorde 2013
Tennis Court Lorde 2013
America, F**k Yeah Team America: World Police 2004
Green Light Lorde 2017
Liability Lorde 2017
Perfect Places Lorde 2017
Yellow Flicker Beat Lorde 2014
Cute Without The 'E' (Cut From The Team) Taking Back Sunday 2002
Double Team Tenacious D 2006
Case départ Team BS 2014
A World Alone Lorde 2013
Whoomp! (There It Is) Tag Team 1993
Freedom Isn't Free Team America: World Police 2004
Magnets Disclosure feat. Lorde 2015
Montage Team America: World Police 2004
Bravado Lorde 2013
I'm So Ronery (Kim Jong-il) Team America: World Police 2004
You Are Worthless Alec Baldwin Team America: World Police 2004
Three Lions Baddiel & Skinner 1996
Wide Open Sugarland 2010
The Time Of Our Lives Il Divo & Toni Braxton 2006
Endless Love (with Shania Twain) Lionel Richie & Shania Twain 2012
Silver Threads And Golden Needles Tammy Wynette 1993
Big Bang Theory Theme (The History Of Everything) Barenaked Ladies 2010
As Time Goes By Tony Bennett 1963
As Time Goes By (trio version) Tony Bennett 1963
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Tony Bennett 1960
Love Gets Me Every Time Shania Twain 1997
Theme Tune Family Guy 1998
The Boys Are Back In Town Thin Lizzy 1976
Just In Time (duet) Tony Bennett & Michael Bublé 2006
Just In Time Tony Bennett 1956
White Christmas (Duet with Shania Twain) Michael Bublé & Shania Twain 2011
Tina Turner Medley De Toppers 2008
Time Bomb All Time Low 2012
Thank The Lord For The Night Time Neil Diamond 1967
Capitaine Flam Générique télé 1979
Don't Stop Believing (Small Town Girl) Journey 1981
Ma Benz NTM feat. Lord Kossity 1998
The Love Boat Générique télé 1977
Unbreak My Heart Toni Braxton 1996
Tom Sawyer, c'est l'Amérique Générique télé (Elfie) 1982
L'île aux enfants Générique télé (Anne Germain) 1974
Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque Générique télé 1988
Happy Days Générique télé 1976
Bioman Générique télé (Bernard Minet) 1987
Hey Sexy Lady Shaggy feat. Brian and Tony Gold 2002
Arnold et Willy Générique télé 1982
Starsky & Hutch Générique télé (Lionel Leroy) 1978
Zorro (version française) Générique télé 1957
Spanish Guitar Toni Braxton 2000
New York, New York (Duet) Frank Sinatra & Tony Bennett 1993
You'll Be Mine (Party Time) Gloria Estefan 1996
Pokémon Génériques de dessins animés 1997
Dallas (French) Générique télé (Michel Salva) 1978
Happy Days (TV version) Générique télé 1976
The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Générique télé (Will Smith) 1990
Darkside Alan Walker feat. Au/Ra & Tomine Harket 2018
I Don't Want To Toni Braxton 1996
Knock Three Times Tony Orlando And Dawn 1971
Historia de un amor Cesária Évora & Tania Libertad 2010
Zorro Générique télé 1957
The Addams Family Générique télé 1964
Baywatch Générique télé 1989
J'espère que tu vas bien Patrick Fiori & Tommy Chiche 2014
Heaven's Light / Hellfire Le Bossu de Notre-Dame (Tom Hulce & Tony Jay) 1996
I'll Be There For You Boyce Avenue (Friends Theme) 2012
The Muppet Show Générique télé 1976
That Somebody Was You Kenny G & Toni Braxton 1996
Wonder Woman Générique télé 1975
Golden Girls (Thank You for Being a Friend) Générique télé (Cynthia Fee) 1980
Gilligan's Island Générique télé 1964
Winnie The Pooh Générique télé 1953
Je veux tout (Acoustique - Damien Lauretta) Dreams : 1 rêve 2 vies 2014
Diary Alicia Keys feat. Tony! Toni! Toné! 2004
Dukes Of Hazzard Générique télé 1979
Schnappi, das kleine Krokodil Générique télé 2004
Lonely Boy Paul Anka (Girls Town) 1959
You Mean The World To Me Toni Braxton 1993
Bring Me Sunshine The Jive Aces feat. Toni Elizabeth Prima 2011
You're Makin' Me High Toni Braxton 1996
Quand on arrive en ville Balavoine(s) (Damien Lauretta) 2016
The Mickey Mouse Club Générique télé (Mouseketeers) 1955
When We Swing (Theme Song) Family Guy 2006
How Could An Angel Break My Heart Toni Braxton 1996
The Incredible Hulk Générique télé 1977
Ooby Dooby Roy Orbison & The Teen Kings 1956
The Flintstones Générique télé 1960
Breathe Again Toni Braxton 1993
Casper The Friendly Ghost Générique télé 1951
How Long Will I Love You (Extrait du film About Time) Ellie Goulding 2013
Space Ghost (short version) Générique télé 1966
Dernière histoire Dreams : 1 rêve 2 vies (Alice Raucoules & Damien Lauretta) 2013

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