Karaoké Hit Me Off New Edition

Karaoké Hit Me Off (Spyder and Shaq D Remix) New Edition

Tonalité de la chanson : Solm

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Paroles de Hit Me Off

Come here for a second or you gon' act like
You don't hear me all right
Yeah, uh uh what, yeah
In the remix remix, uh, uh
Yo check it out check it out y'all it's like this
Shack Deisel better git dem digits or som'thin'
Wit all dat back why you front 'n you remind me of
Check my fees I'm hot as a hundred two degrees
Six hundred an' threes
I'll send ya telegrams
An' roses wrapped in fifty grand yo' body
Is real estate let Shack appraise the land
The sex in thou will make you smile front to
Backee style Mackie style Shackee
Style hit me off now the finest thing I've ever seen
Yeah lookin' like a natural queen
I said let me take you for a ride hmm babe
To the other side we can do just what you like girl
As long as you're ready babe anyway you want it oh baby yeah
Hit me off oh, I like it when you
You hit me off you got me chosen for an' ever so, woah
Let's spend an hour in the shower when it's nice and wet
I'm ready for your love, hey hu, yeah, hey, ooh
Anyway you want it girl come on baby
Come hit me with the flavour let me taste ya baby ho, no
Now check it
I'm taking no loses now I'm
The boss and I see you flossing my way
With the grace all up in my face so I say
What's up love how you doing what you think about
Me and you hmm naw but wait
Let's make a date plans for tender
I'm down to take it slow 'cos you know that she's
A winna uhh got me feinin' for the
Cream don't you know
I'm movin' in slow but keep it low low low
Ah baby baby
And my money's on me oh
You are drive me wild
Ah come on babe ah come on got me all ba baby
Doh deeh oh doh doh, doh
Yeah yeah uh, uh uh remix
L'il Dave an' Spider
Big Shack baby
Uh, what what what what what what
Great ladies wit it once again y'all
Yeah, hit me hit me hit me off baby yeah, hit me hit me off baby
Yeah, uh, hit me off baby uh, yeah, hit me off baby

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